Amanda Witherow Wellness

Professional Massage, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy

Jason Quigley - Professional Boxer with Golden Boy & Sheer Sports
I love getting my treatments with Amanda, every visit can be a different treatment. I usually go with a good deep massage with some dry needling to get the exact spots to loosen up those tight muscles. Also a big favourite of mine is reflexology really chills me out and relaxes my mind out of all stress and resets my body after jet lag. Also Bowen treatment does very similar for me but not least, I love a cheeky facial and head massage its just the best.
Michael Murphy - Donegal Senior GAA Captain
"I received continuous treatment from Amanda on a weekly basis and it assisted immensely in keeping my body and mind at their optimum levels of performance throughout the rigours of the football season."
Andrea Delaney
After just two treatments with Amanda I'm feeling better than I have in two years. I've gone through many other treatments but Amanda seemed to know exactly the treatment needed and has worked wonders. I cannot recommend Amanda enough.
Paul O'Brien
Can not recommend Amanda highly enough. Great massage and very professional and friendly
Ryan Mc Hugh - Donegal Senior GAA, GAA All Star 2016
I have been receiving treatment from Amanda for the last year and can not recommend her highly enough. She knew exactly how to treat me personally which was a huge help in making sure I was fully fit and ready for action. I would advise everyone to avail of Amanda's facilities as she is one of the best in the business. Thanks for all your help Amanda
Aidan Callaghan - National Middle Distance Triathlon Champion
I feel without a doubt one of the most important aspects of training and performance is recovery and repair. I have been attending Amanda for massage, dry needling and reflexology for the best part of a year. The implementation of these methods of recovery cannot be underestimated and I believe they played a massive role in my development and success throughout the year. Amanda has a wealth of experience working in different sporting codes which enables her to assess athletes needs instantly and apply the correct treatment at each individual session.
Michael Black - Triathlon Ireland
Many aspects of training are easily applied, you just get out the door and go do it. We all can push hard, punish ourselves, break our bodies down in the pursuit of our dreams and aspirations. But as athletes we sometimes neglect the obvious signs that our body needs a helping hand in terms of recovery and regeneration. For me these are two of the most important elements of training and something Amanda provides. A unique and professional service that not only aids the physical recovery process after a demanding training week but also provides a break or a shift in mental state which is equally important during times of high stress in training. I can undoubtedly say that without this type of service in my yearly training plan I would not be able to push to the limits required to achieve my goals. I would strongly recommend any person who is serious about their goals to make time and include Amanda as part of your yearly training plans.
Toni Kelly
"In nutshell, I think Amanda is brilliant.
I have had a sore back for years. I sit all day for work, and I used to feel so stiff at the end of the day but I started with Amanda a few months ago, and that has all changed since. Her neck and back massage is thorough yet relaxing and the reflexology is such a lovely experience. I am now a monthly visitor to Amanda and I'm feeling great. Her warm and friendly personality puts me at ease, yet her professionalism and knowledge is always so helpful. I would highly recommend Amanda I am very grateful for everything she has done to help me!"
Michelle Given
"Highly recommend Amanda for her knowledge, professionalism, cleanliness and personal touch. I did a 6 week course in reflexology. I loved it. I suffer from a bad hip which flares up everytime I run. After a treatment of reflexology I would be pain free in my hip. One has to experience it to believe it. As a fitness instructor my body is put through its paces so I regularly have deep tissue massages from Amanda which is great for my tired and strained muscles. Delighted I have found someone who I can trust to help when my body needs some TLC. Thanks Amanda."
Eamon Doherty- Donegal Senior GAA & St. Eunans GAA
"Thanks Amanda for keeping me right with the full body massages. Always leave feeling refreshed after and has me ready for the next training session. Would highly recommend to anyone needing to relax or sort out a few niggles. Will see you and the bamboo stick soon again."
Yvonne Stockdale
I have been receiving treatment from Amanda for a year now. When I first attended I suffered from severe back pain and could hardly allow Amanda to touch my back. Through time and with regular monthly maintenance appointments I am now virtually pain free and even able to run again. I cannot recommend Amanda enough she is extremely professional but makes you feel very relaxed and welcome. Her massage and reflexology treatments are of the highest standard available and I cannot recommend her enough.
Kathleen Langan
Thanks Amanda for sorting out my back, it felt so good after the massages, worked a treat in getting rid of the tightness and knots and especially the cramps in my toes! Such a professional, would highly recommend the full body massage
Aisling Ferry
I went to Amanda with back and neck problems. I found her to be knowledgeable, friendly and a total professional. I felt great after each session. Amanda is exceptional at what she does and I would highly recommend her.
Kevin McHugh - Captain, Finn Harps FC
Whether its and injury or a complete rub down. Amanda's treatments have been top notch and help me train and play at a high level on a weekly basis
Neil Gallagher - Donegal Senior GAA
I have being going to Amanda Witherow for treatment for the past couple of years and have to say its top class. I find the reflexology great and relaxing and the massage therapy keeps the body in good shape during the season. Highly recommended!!
Mark McHugh - Donegal Senior GAA
Amanda has provided me with treatment of the highest standard for the past 12 months. Her friendly service and intensive full body massages leave me feeling fresh and energised walking out of her clinic. I would highly recommend a session with Amanda to help with recovery for anyone experiencing tightness or fatigue following training sessions or if you are just having a bad week. Excellent service which we were lucky to have at our disposal.
Marty McGroarty
"I had a fantastic experience at Amanda Witherow Therapies. Amanda is very friendly and really great at what she does. I would certainly recommend and will be back soon."
Mary McBrearty
"Amanda is amazing at what she does. She does a fantastic massage I look forward to my appointment with her. Top class."
Eddie Tobin
"I have attended Amanda Witherow Therapies on several occasions. I found her very professional and knowledgable in her work and she was able to identify areas I had issues and her massage treatment greatly improved these. I would also recommend the reflexology which was highly relaxing."
Luke Daly
I was doing a lot of miles on the bike and running and it was taking its toll on the body. Amanda was very professional and within a few minutes she located the knots and tightness in my calves and back. I had a full body massage which was very relaxing and Amanda used her dry needling expertise on the painful areas and I could automatically feel a release in the tight muscles. Great treatment I would highly recommend it."
Joan Gallagher
"Amanda's work is second to none. All her treatments are excellent but she recently introduced me to dry needling and its fantastic. My favourite is the reflexology - I always feel great after it."
Amanda Bonnar
"Amanda is fantastic after a course of treatments I feel great. Spending most of my day sitting at a desk I suffered from headaches and pain in my neck and back. Since attending Amanda I am no longer in pain and more relaxed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Amanda to any of my friends."
Olivia Doherty
"Amanda has been excellent from day one, brilliant at her job and an absolute lady to go in to. I look forward to every visit. I would highly recommend her."
Shauna McBride
"I was having problems with my shoulder and back, after a few sessions with Amanda I was back to normal. I would highly recommend her to anyone, very friendly and professional service."
Martin O'Reilly - Donegal Senior GAA
"I have been attending Amanda Witherow Therapies for the last three years on a regular basis and I have to say that she provides an excellent service and it is really beneficial in helping to aid recovery. I couldn't speak highly enough of her treatments."
Tommy Mc Monagle - Finn Harps
"Thanks a million Amanda for the work. Feel great after the full body massages! Would highly recommend these for anyone going through tough pre-season training. Give me the bamboo stick rather than your elbows any day though!!"
Brid McDaid
"I would highly recommend Amanda she is fantastic at what she does. Her treatments are so relaxing. Well worth a visit."
Sean Mc Veigh - Donegal Senior Hurling & St. Eunans GAA
"Thanks Amanda for keeping me right with the full body massages. I always have a cracking sleep after and rise feeling refreshed and ready to train. I would highly recommend the full body massage to anyone needing to relax or currently doing hard training. A great way to recover physically and mentally."
Rory Kavanagh - Donegal Senior GAA & St. Eunans GAA
"Thanks a million Amanda for the work...First full body massage in a long time and I'm ready to sleep like a baby now! Could get used to this on Friday nights. Top Quality."
Catriona Boyle
"I had a few sessions with Amanda Witherow Therapies which I totally enjoyed and felt benefit from. Yes, a good full body massage hurts a little but the feeling afterwards more than makes up for it. Amanda made me feel very welcome and I felt listened too. There was also a lovely relaxed feeling and Amanda has the correct balance of remaining calm and working yet also conversing when necessary. I also found Amanda to be a very inspirational person, as I lay there listening to her various courses, ideas and plans for her life and business I always left feeling a lot more relaxed but motivated to do more with my own life...and that in itself is a very important way to feel leaving. So go, relax and be inspired by Amanda."
Martin McElhinney - Donegal Senior GAA & St. Michaels GAA
"I have been going to Amanda for the last 18 months, I can't recommend her highly enough. I find it is excellent for both preparation and recovery from games. Her massage therapy is great for relaxation and it helps both my physical and mental state."